Renting a house...solving a math problem?

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Renting a house...solving a math problem?

Messagepar ubk_nl » 05 Aoû 2015 22:44

Hi everyone,
I'm considering a job offer from Juniper Networks in Amsterdam.
I've looked for apartments for rent and I'm trying to understand how the system works.
I was hoping you could help me out a bit.
First of all, I understood there are two possible prices:
- incl: gwe included (sometimes other charges too like tv and internet)
- excl: all other charges not included
What are the possible charges I have to face in a "totally excl" option?
- gwe
- internet and tv
- local taxes
- parking permit (depends on location)
- what else?
The most important thing is understanding whther it is convenient to go excl or not.
I'll try to explain myself better:
I've found an apartment offered at 1000€ excl with the option to pay 1150€ incl (tv and internet too).
In this case it seems all charges are 150€.
Is this figure an average one? Should I consider around 150€ the amount of money to pay the monthly charges?
Moreover, what if I chose the excl option? Should I expect to pay less for all those expenses on my own?
Thanks in advance for your help
Hope you can clear my mind a bit
Have a nice day
Umberto M
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Inscrit le: 05 Aoû 2015 22:30

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