NS 40% Discount Card

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NS 40% Discount Card

Messagepar LIHmarcel » 30 Mar 2013 12:32

During my studies in Wageningen I got to know many foreign students who stayed in the Netherlands for about 2 years. Some stayed shorter and some longer. Although many of them were traveling frequently across NL to explore the country and visit Amsterdam etc., almost none of them had a ns discount card which enables the card holder to travel with 40% discount across the Netherlands. You can even take up to 3 people with you also traveling with 40% discount.

But Why? When I asked them, frequent responses were that they did not know about this or did not know how to purchase one.

Well, in case you do not know about this either and are in the Netherlands for some time, you can check out this website http://www.live-in-holland.nl/transport, which provides useful information on getting the 40% discount card, its advantages and requirements.

Other interesting offers, such as the day tickets, which are issued once in a while by the AH supermarket, Blokker, Kruidvat, etc. are also discussed.

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Re: NS 40% Discount Card

Messagepar everythinginenglish. » 03 Aoû 2014 15:34

In addition to that, as trains aren't always your best friend, there's an overview of rail service disruptions in English on http://www.everythinginenglish.nl/train/
This overview is also available as webblet to add to your own site: http://www.everythinginenglish.nl/tools/
Your portal to the Netherlands in English
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