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Help, Please? :)

Messagepar Foolborn » 09 Jan 2014 3:15

I'll be graduating high school in the United States in a little over two years. I'm not certain how possible it is, but I'd like to relocate to the Netherlands after my graduation (ideally to Amersfoort, although I am not picky). I would like to become an attorney there as soon as possible, but I do have a few questions... It can take around seven years to become an attorney, but I know that there has to be some methods to getting your undergraduate degree faster. Is it possible to purchase the college books and just pay for the exams whenever you're ready to take them so that you may get your credits faster instead of paying to attend a university like you can in the United States? By any chance, would I be able to take exams in English? While I do plan to learn how to speak Dutch fluently before I leave, it would be easier for me if they were written in my first language.

In addition to this, I just need to learn anything in general about relocating to the Netherlands, such as legal matters or how to get a job, a place to stay, ect. I need to learn as much as possible before I plan to move there. I know that it won't be as easy as I'm making it sound, but I am determinded and willing to do whatever is necessary. Thank you in advance for any information that you are able to provide. ^_^
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Re: Help, Please? :)

Messagepar everythinginenglish. » 03 Aoû 2014 15:23

First of all, Amersfoort doesn't have a university, so studying there will be complicated. Utrecht is close by, but law for all I know is taught in Dutch there. Law is taught in English at Maastricht University, so if you're O.K. with a boring, sleeping provincial town packed with German immigrants, that's an option. ;)

For the rest of your questions, about credits and finance, I suppose you best contact the university you are planned to attend. What most Dutch students do is apply for a student loan from the government, you could consider that. As you're not an EU-citizen, you will need a working permit, but as a student that's easy to get (it'll probably come automatically with your permit to stay).
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