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Health Insurance

Messagepar SUlrich » 25 Juil 2014 18:27

I am looking to attend school in either Rotterdam or Groningen next year and was wondering if my husband and I will need to purchase Dutch health insurance. I will be on a Student Visa, and he may be able to use my visa also, otherwise he will be on a Work Visa. By law, will we need to have health insurance? What is the easiest way to obtain health insurance? Are there different types of insurance? What are the better/cheaper companies?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: Health Insurance

Messagepar everythinginenglish. » 03 Aoû 2014 15:14

The general rule is: if you live in the Netherlands AND/OR you have an income (of any kind, this includes student loan!) in the Netherlands, you must have a healthcare insurance in the Netherlands.
Cheap ones are Hema and De Friesland. In some cases, you can get a healcare allowance from the tax administration to help you cover the costs.
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