assistance with finding a friend of mine from netherlands

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assistance with finding a friend of mine from netherlands

Messagepar gidiz » 13 Oct 2015 1:16

during a recent trip in nepal i met a dutch guy who became a very good friend.
our roads splited and we both left without any contact information about each other.
i tried finding him on facebook but i failed. other searching options are difficult because of gap languages
i will be very glad if anyone can help me searching him on dutch webs or even give me phone number of telephone service center in netherlands who can provide phone number if you tell them a name.

those are the details i know about him:
his name is peter spike
he is writing online reviews for computer games
he have a B.A in economices (not for sure) and he is working in a family bussiness dealing with agriculture
he is a big guy with a long beard

huge thanks for anyone who can help :)
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